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UPVC Door Locks

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Professional Lock Repairs

 UPVC Door Locks in United KingdomWhat could go wrong with a UPVC door lock? If you find it difficult to turn and insert the key, the cylinder has most likely failed. Count on us to replace it. The ideal replacement cylinder is resistant to snapping and can withstand drilling and picking for at least five minutes. If turning the key is a breeze, but the bolt doesn’t retract, it may be jammed by the strike receiver which has got detached. We’ll open the door safely and adjust and secure the receiver properly. If the locking mechanism has got broken, rely on us to replace it. A new mechanism with one or two deadbolts extending at least two centimetres will provide you with a very high level of security. A multipoint mechanism with a set of security pins or a combination of a deadbolt and a hook is also a reliable option.

Accurate UPVC Door Adjustment

Are you having difficulties with closing and locking your door? The hinges could be responsible. If they got loose and the door doesn’t fit the frame precisely, they will need to be adjusted properly. We, at Locksmith Enfield, will do this job with the utmost precision. With careful manipulation of each hinge adjuster and immediate checks and measurements, you will get the perfect result in the end. If our check reveals damage to the lockset as well, rely on us to repair it or changing depending on how bad the situation is. With our lock replacement service, you can upgrade to a more advanced device for a higher level of security.

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