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Here are some tidbits of locks and keys wisdom by the certified locksmiths of our company.

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There is always something new and more valuable to learn in the highly dynamic locksmith field. The following tips are intended to help everyone who uses locks and keys on a daily basis. Read them carefully and take full advantage of them for achieving optimal security.

  • Rekey the office locks when an employee leaves without returning the keys

    This is an essential measure which will prevent the old keys from being used. This is because with rekeying, the internal setting of the cylinder is changed. When this happens, the old keys just won’t turn inside. When going for rekeying, make sure that each employee will receive a new key.

  • Get a UPVC Lock with 2.5 cm Deadbolt

    The best sets of door locks are UPVC locks with 2.5 cm deadbolts. These should be installed with 75mm mounting screws to put the lock in place. These should be used on any door that leads inside the home, including the garage door. 

  • Choose a lock with six pins over one with five

    Most locking devices today have a five-pin keying system, but there are also ones which use six pins. If you have a choice, you should definitely go for the latter option. This is because the six-pin keying system is harder to pick. It will give you a higher level of security.

  • Never use side force for key turning

    You have to ensure that you use the correct key for the respective lock and that you insert it in straight position. When you turn the key, you should apply force forward rather than to the side, according to our experts in Enfield. If the lock is stuck, you must take the key out and have it checked.

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