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How to Maintain Brass Locks

08/02/2015 Back To Blog

The beauty of brass door locksets is paired with strength and durability. In order to remain gorgeous and functional in the long term, these devices require proper care. Learn how to provide properly maintain them.How to Maintain Brass Locks

Preliminary Evaluation

Determine whether the brass has been lacquered or not - This is important for choosing the most appropriate cleaning method. Inspect the surface carefully to determine whether it has clear coating or not. You can also use touch to determine whether there is lacquer. If there are small darker spots, this indicated peeled off lacquer.

Check the overall condition of the lock - Watch out for deep dents and scratches. Test the device to see how well the key turns and how smoothly the handle works. If there is a considerable physical damage or the device works poorly, proper lock repair service will be required.

Remove the lacquer if needed - If you want the lockset to have more authentic look or the lacquer has got damaged, you can remove the coating. For this, you need to use paint stripper safe for metals. Apply a thin coat of it with a brush, let it work and then remove it with cloth.

Proper Cleaning

Clean lacquered brass with cool water and liquid detergent - Dissolve five drops of the detergent into a bowl of cool water and mix them together. Dampen soft cloth with the solution and rub all of the lock surfaces carefully.

Clean metal that is not lacquered with acidic cleaner - You can use a commercial cleaner which is especially formulated for removing tarnish from brass or a homemade solution. Prepare a homemade solution with equal amounts of lemon juice and white vinegar and add baking soda until you have a paste. Apply a small amount of the paste to the metal surface of the door or cabinet lock and rub it gently with the cloth until the tarnish is gone.

Achieving Perfection

Rinse the lockset carefully - Dip a clean piece of soft cloth in cool water and remove any traces of the cleaning solution or paste with it. Do not spray or pour water onto the brass surface. It is essential that the keyhole is kept safe for avoiding damage.

Dry the entire surface - Use soft dry cloth for the purpose. You should never leave a rinsed metal surface to dry in the sun as some really ugly spots can appear.

Apply polish and add lubricant - Apply a small amount of brass polish to soft cloth and rub the surface of the lock until it shines. Add graphite lubricant to the keyhole to prevent sticking and damage to the key.

Provide care to brass locks at least once a year.

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