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Understanding locks and keys will be much easier after customers read the answers to the following questions

Welcome to this specially designed FAQ page which contains clear and detailed answers to major questions in the locksmith field. Learn more valuable things about locks and keys so that you are better prepared to deal with various kinds of situations. Use the information which you find here to enjoy even higher security.

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When it comes to security matters, the more you know the better! If you already have plenty of questions about keys or locks, you have one more reason for checking out the answers of the most frequently asked questions, which are relative to security issues

  • What are the best ways to prevent losing keys?

    The very best way is to get rid of them completely. Keypad locks ensure you never have to worry about a physical key ever again. Today is it possible to affix a keypad system to almost any door, be it a cabinet, safe, chest or room door.

  • What are the disadvantages of using a single cylinder deadbolt lock?

    Since a single cylinder deadbolt lock has a thumb turn that can open a door from one side, it can only protect people in the interior part of the door. Once someone has gained access through other means, the single cylinder deadbolt can easily be opened for others to pass through. This makes it impractical to use in outdoor settings such as in gates for swimming pools or other types of doors.

  • What are the advantages of using a double cylinder deadbolt lock?

    A double cylinder lock can only be accessed with a key, whether you are on the interior or exterior side of a door. As such, you can be sure that a door that uses this lock would not be accessed by people who do not have the key to it. Our experts at Locksmith Enfield recommend its use for outdoor purposes or for doors that lead into and out of rooms containing very valuable equipment.

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