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Double Locks at Home

05/11/2015 Back To Blog

Whilst there is a plethora of pricey ways to secure the home like installing CCTV or monitoring alarms, some are less expensive yet offer the same level of security in the form of locks. Burglars and thieves use force to gain entry, and if very desperate to commit their crime, will do everything to gain access. They won’t even mind the monitoring devices installed around the property. For this reason, double locks are essential.

There is no doubt; there are various lock types on the market these days, and it is important to choose which of them are suited best for your particular home. Experts say it is important to install two locks for a safer, more secure home. For instance, the main entry should have a knob lock and a deadbolt at the same time to improve the level of security and safety. A homeowner can also opt for a more technological option, such as a keyless locking system or an electronic lock. These products are proven to minimize the danger and threat brought about by criminals.Double Locks for Safety

Calling for Professional Help

Many homeowners want to save further when it comes to home improvements; hence, opting for DIY jobs just to avoid labour costs. Before initiating work, it is essential to ask yourself the following questions: Is it really worth it? Are you willing to risk your home security just to save up on costs? Do you even have the appropriate skills and equipment to conduct the job? Contemplate on these questions and try to answer them as much as possible. If your answer is a NO to all, then don’t proceed. Professional locksmiths, like our own, are there to help you install the best locks for the home, provide valuable advice on how to maintain them for increasing their lifespan, and be there for you whenever you encounter a problem. They are available 24/7, which means you can give them a call when your locks seem to be malfunctioning in the middle of the night or over the weekend.

What more are you looking for to increase home security? Double locks are very sturdy and reliable. With state-of-the-art locks on the rise, you can never go wrong with investing in keyless or electronic locks, as they are great ways to enhance the value of the home, in addition to their aesthetic appeal.

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