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3 Essential Locks to Have At Home

11/20/2016 Back To Blog

Here we want to point out 3 of the most important locks you should have installed around your house. These are essential to having a reasonably secure home. Without them could be at far greater risk. You may have locks around the house that have been in use and unchanged for many years. They could be outdated and prove to be significant liabilities should they fail to operate fully. Here are 3 crucial locks that everyone should ensure are fitted and functioning perfectly.

1. Reinforced Front Door Lock

3 Essential Locks to Have At HomeEvery front door should have a deadbolt lock fitted to ensure it can withstand some mighty force. Modern deadbolts meet minimum standard thicknesses and prevent criminals from being able to enter without the use of bulky machinery. Without a deadlock, your door is relatively easy to crack and can be attacked with more quiet stealthy techniques.

2. Window Locks

Many insurers will insist your home be completely fitted with window locks. Some insurance companies will refuse pay-outs if any of your windows are compromised or unlocked at the time of a break in. Fix locks that are broken or disabled immediately to avoid the risks. A locksmith will be able to ensure all of the window locks installed throughout your home are positioned correctly to maximize their effectiveness.

3. Secondary Back Door Locks

Most people think that one back door lock is enough, as it's at less risk than the front. Any entrance to your house is a crucial area of concern. You should consider having a secondary lock installed on your back door just as you do the front. If your back door is several decades old and has just a built in lock, you should consider have its lock changed for one that is up to date and more secure. 

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